Everyone’s catching salmon

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Everyone’s catching salmon

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This time of year anyone wetting a line from Oswego to the north dune salmon are being caught by just about anyone and everyone
It’s kinda easy this time of year
Key points
Don’t worry so much about temp
Keep speed 2.2-2.6 most days
Use glow early and over cast
Use bright and flashy in the sun
White is good early and over cast
White green dot
Green with glow
Pig pen in the sun
Chartreuse Mtn dew in the sun
Flys , b-fly, glow hammer, ultra green glow, green Krinkle ,
Spoons. , carbon 14, green jeans, yellow killer,
Meat, green white chartreuse blue angel fish shaped flashers. With glow heads green heads. Or chartreuse heads on a 50-60” lead
Plugs- silver bullet, green glow ladder back, sap sucker, or all glow.
Kelly green diver or a frog glow diver.
Run shorter fly leads 20-22” for coho
Favorite rig. White blade blue bubble tape. With a hammer fly n chartreuse beads behind a orange diver
Red pro trol ( rock star) with a flat green fly or green Krinkle
Fly leaders this time of year for kings 24-30” behind 8” attractors
11” attractor 36-40” fly leads.
Uv two face good in the bright sun with a pro-am or a b-fly or mirage fly.
300 copper or 10 color with a plug works good as well
It’s no secret to catching kings. Ray Charles can get um this time of year
Tight lines.
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Re: Everyone’s catching salmon

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Great post and valuable info for many!

Thanks for sharing
Matt B
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