Spring / Early Summer Bass, Etc

Check and share here for the latest Bass fishing reports.
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Spring / Early Summer Bass, Etc

Post by the_doctor »

Figured I would start a thread to keep up with for the seasons like I did last year.

Saturday 5/19
Water: 46- 50° F
Wind: Very slight breeze from north
Conditions: Partly cloudy

I caught two pike in the 6AM hour, my first open-water pike this year. The way it happened was a little funny. I was long-lining again and had no hit for a long while, so I decided to stop to check the lines for weeds. A minute after I stopped and was bringing in the first line I had a pike hit on the other lure while it was paused-- that was a happy accident!

Got going again and caught another pike of about the same size, this time on the troll with no stopping. I decided to keep this one because I figured it wasn't spawning if it was hitting lures out a little deeper, 20ft. of water. No eggs found so I think I was correct.

Both pike were in about 20 FOW at about 48-50°. First hit the Shad Rap on the pause and the second a Challenger minnow while trolling. Lures were natural/shad/silver patterns and I found a large minnow in the keeper's stomach, about 5" long, so I think I had the right lures going.

Still chasing lakers too but very little success there. I saw lots caught ice-fishing in the Outer Bay but nothing for me there in open water. I heard they are catching a lot off the causeway on the lake side so I think I will need to break out onto the broad lake when it's not too choppy out there.

Thanks for reading, tight lines everyone.
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Re: Spring / Early Summer Bass, Etc

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Nice report Doc, I love the tacos.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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Re: Spring / Early Summer Bass, Etc

Post by the_doctor »

Saturday 6/6
Air temp: 65°F
Water: 60-65°
Conditions: Overcast w/ sun breaking through at times, storm then rolled in
Wind: Slight breeze southwest becoming north

Headed out this morning to try something new that I saw on Youtube. You troll a three way swivel with a diving crankbait on the bottom and a small spoon on the top. The idea is that the crank will bring the spoon down kind of like a Slide Diver would.

Not far out I got a bass on the spoon, to my surprise, not the crank. Though I shouldn't be too surprised as the spoon was a Sausage Gravy and those things are irresistible to any fish. Friday morning I saw the biggest smallmouth I've seen in Champlain jump not 20 feet off shore. Sadly, this wasn't that bass, but still a decent one.

Just for laughs I went out deeper to see what was going on out there on the Vexilar. I believe the sonar was showing temp set up 30-40 feet down but I am not sure. See pic. Maybe someone can verify.

I saw lots of people catch lakers ice fishing in the Outer Bay, so I am sort of making it a mission to find them here this summer. May be a futile effort but I'll try. I've also seen something rising and jumping out deep in the evening when the bugs hatch. They are pretty far out and don't look like bass but I'm not sure. Might have to bring the fly rod out one night and find out!

Unfortunately the trip was cut short when a thunderstorm rolled in about 7:30 so I hustled back to the dock.

I was also seeing perch stacked up absolutely everywhere around the first break, 30-35 FOW. There are now white perch out there too. Personally I think yellows taste better but I know some people are always chasing the whites, so here's your announcement! I keep the whites anyway because they are invasive. Early morning earlier this week I went out and had non-stop action. Could have caught a hundred if I wanted to, I think.

And lastly I will say it's all been about early morning for me this year for all species. I've hardly caught a thing after 10AM and evening action has been dead.
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Re: Spring / Early Summer Bass, Etc

Post by Reelax »

I would guess that would be a temp break... that will be handy when good thermocline sets up!
Matt B
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