Bassin' the Walleye Opener

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Bassin' the Walleye Opener

Post by the_doctor »

Time: 7AM to 11AM Saturday 5/2
Air temp: 40°F increasing to 55
Water temp: 39 - 44° F
Conditions: Sunny
Wind: Calm with light breeze building from the north

Slow start for me this year. Cold water fishing has mostly been a bust as my aluminum needs work on some leaks. I did not feel comfortable going out in the canoe very far with the water still barely above freezing, especially alone (social distance). I had a few trips to the Colchester causeway and some perch fishing from shore, which was better than nothing, but that's about all I can say!

This morning being the walleye opener but no boat I thought I would go cast from shore at the river a little. So, I woke up at 5 like a fool and fished for just an hour at dawn. After almost slipping down the bank twice and donating a lot of tackle to snags I was starting to remember why I don't fish the river much! I did see one walleye that was in the shallows, which I spooked away when I walked up. Something was jumping a lot at dawn too but I didn't see what.

A few boats went by on the river but no one was hooking up. After losing another jig, I had a talk with myself: "What are you doing!?! Half the fishermen in Vermont are on this river right now. You could have the lake to yourself on this beautiful sunny day!" So, I headed home and launched the canoe.

The plan was to long-line some cranks for lakers, but that changed when I hooked into something just a few yards out. I was unprepared and lost it while going for the net. A few minutes later, though, I landed a nice smallmouth for my first bass of the season. Hurray! I ended up getting another a minute later. I took a break to paddle around a while-- no lakers today-- then caught two more bass in the hot spot on my way back on consecutive casts.

I know most here would rather go for salmon but the bass are starting to turn on up north, so consider this notice for anyone who'd like to know!. As for me I am happy if anything bites. Big crankbaits in hot colors + sunny rock piles in the shallows = good early season bass action on Champlain.

Tomorrow is forecast to be almost 70° which is good because I got a product to seal my aluminum boat but it needs to be 65° or higher to use. So I should have the main boat all set and ready for May, hopefully before those other species go deep. Thanks for reading and tight lines everyone.
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Re: Bassin' the Walleye Opener

Post by Reelax »

Great report Doc! Thanks for the read...
Matt B
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Re: Bassin' the Walleye Opener

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Nice bass.
I hope the fix on your aluminum boat works as plan.
Get out on the lake and have fun fishing.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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