Port Henry - 11/16

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Port Henry - 11/16

Post by ChessieMan »

Well, Don and I started out of Port Henry this morning on a wonderfully warm Nov day - ran up to the 100 FoW line and went lines down - within 5 minutes we had a 26" laker over the rail - I'm looking good - 10 more minutes and we get a 13" silver shaker - things are looking better - that's when everything went south - we worked the 70-120 breaks for another hour without a bump.

Not a lot of bait or marks - decided to run north top Scotch Bonnet - coming up into 100 FoW - marked a lot more fish and a few small bait balls - worked all around the point and into Basin harbor without a sniff.

OK, let's troll across to the north shore of NW Bay, which is where I had considered starting but got lazy and pulled into Port Henry.

Did another small silver mid-way across lake - got to Rock Harbor about noon and did 2 lakers and a keeper silver in the next hour and broke-off something BIG - lots more bait and marks - should have gone with mu original plan - I think we would have done much better.

Water temp 47 @ Fishville, 51 @ Hunter Bay - many more fish in the warmer water areas.

Hot lure - purple/black HB and Pat's Day CI - 2.4-2.5 mph, 20 feet down over 70-110 FoW - looks like the weather is gonna stink - maybe next week.
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Re: Port Henry - 11/16

Post by troutcrazy »

You got a few, and a keeper silver, and that sounds pretty good to me! Thanks for the report and the numbers! I still haven't been out on the kayak this month, but it sounds like it's time.
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Re: Port Henry - 11/16

Post by VermontHabitatEric »

Must have been a beautiful day on the water.
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