Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

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Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by ChessieMan »

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! is all I can say - today was the day you wait for, the day you call home about, the day when you cash-in all your "pay-forwards"

Long and short - 28 salmon (14-18"), 26 lakers to 28" and a brown - No Foolin'!!!!!

Scott and I launched at Port Henry and got to FV about 8:15, 4 lines down - two DR's - 30 back and 2 dipsys - 25 pulls - started with 2-CI's - Patty's Day and Gold Bomb Pop, purple/black HB and Sunrise Speedi - saw birds (loons & gulls) working and they were right on the spot where I found bait last Sat.

Immediately hooked up to a 15" salmon - OK, this is looking promising - had 5 more releases and landed 3 more salmon in the next 20 minutes - all on the CI's - not a sniff on my favorite Speedi or HB - switched over to a Rainbow Speedi and an old Green/pearl Beattle HB - and that's about the last cogent thought I had for 3 hours - it was Friggin' Nuts! We stopped counting releases at 50 - we had 3-triples and 12-doubles.




At one point we had salmon leaping off the stern - you could see them coming up from 40' down on the screen - 3,2,1 - Wham!

All these fish were in a slot off the NY side - about a 1 mile long and 600 yards wide - I ran over the same bottom so many times the screen was a red mess - direction was not important, BUT speed was 2.6-2.9 anything above or below and we didn't touch a fish.

Took a break for a cup of chili about noon and that's just when the wind came up - it was flat calm 'til then - blew up to about 1 footers that were starting to cap over - the bite slowed a bit - mostly because it was more difficult maintaining headway and speed. Finally, about 1PM I pulled the plug - we could have caught more fish - but it was getting a little uncomfortable and why ruin a perfect day.

Not sure when I'll be back - but you can sure bet it'll be soon - Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by raz »

WOW!!! What a super report. Those are the best of days for sure!
Thanks for the report and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Glad you had a wonderful time in FV. These are memorable moments you will cherish forever..... it does not happen too often.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by Dilly Worm »

Thats awesome ! So many fish !

Thanks for the info and Happy Thanksgiving !!
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by troutcrazy »

Wow! that sounds amazing! I wish I had checked in before I went out today. Funny, I was thinking of heading down that way but I decided to save some driving and fish Converse and Whallon. Not much to report from my last few outings there.
Great report! It's inspiration to keep at it. I hope I can find some action like that soon!
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by freshguy »

Awesome day, and from all your prior posts well deserved. Hopefully these fish will grow into some beautiful 2yo's next spring and summer.
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by Reelax »

Haven’t had a trip like that since the bird tornados down there a few years back… also in November.

Hmm. Time to put the gun away for 1 day.

Saturday looks nice;)

Thanks for sharing, glad to hear you had such a fun trip!!

Fish on!
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Re: Port Henry - 11/23 Salmon Slam

Post by TruViking »

Nice Fish !
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