2022 Northeast Year in Review

Check and share here for the latest Salt Water fishing reports.
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2022 Northeast Year in Review

Post by keithm87 »

What an epic year it was on the salt water. I commuted to and from Vermont and Mass/RI every weekend of the summer (except 3?)

Our first trip of the year produced my first haddock on Jeffries Ledge

Our second trip of the year was to the cape and produced multi day limits of sea bass, some nice stripers and my first winter flounder.

The next few trips were on the north shore and produced some keeper stripers.

July was one for the memories, we opened it with a long skunk trip to Stelwagon, followed by a day with our first 2 bluefin tuna.

We played around the rest of the month on the inshore tuna bite east of Newburyport, but didn’t get any other (missed bites trolling)

August brought a mixed bag of fishing. Shark fishing on Jeffries started off solid with blue sharks, but I was hearing rumors of a yellowfin bite moving into range south of Rhode Island. Prior to the year I had chosen my birthday weekend as “tuna or bust” i was taking the whole week off and if I hadn’t caught one yet I was willing to trailer the boat wherever I needed to.
Work plans changed, and I ended up working most of that week and the weather was trash anyway, but the 3 days of my birthday weekend were forecast to be fishable, and reports were that the tuna were 40miles out of point jude.

With questionable range and some Jerry cans we headed south. We fished one day in Narragansett and got on a fun bluefish blitz and some blitzing Albies.

We slept at the point jude parking lot and headed out to the Suffolk Wreck, leaving the dock at 2am. By 8am we were on the grounds and doubled up. We landed one of 2 and that was enough to make the trip.

The next trip was back to Rhode Island and produced 2 more yellowfin’s even closer to shore.

Tired of 7 hour drives I spent a week back up north in Newburyport and landed our first ever mako shark one of 3 we ended up getting over the next month.

For labor day we went back to Rhode Island for a mixed bag 3 trip. Due to offshore storms Day one we chased blitzes around fisher island day 2 we tried for bottom fish and landed our first weakfish in the same area and day three with the weather letting up we pushed offshore for tuna. We boated one yellowfin, 8 Albies, and on the way in stopped at a pot and found it full of mahi. A quick 10 mahi and we pushed home.

With the weather pattern changing I took a couple weekends off to appease the wife.

reports of fish back up north the next trip was out of Newburyport live baiting for tuna. We only managed one small mako and a couple blue sharks.

The following weekend was very similar - the blue sharks. It was cod season and it was the only time of the year I couldn’t find them.

We had a blow weekend that lead to some frustration starting October, as reports were that there was good tuna bite happening. Working for an employer who doesn’t recognize Columbus Day I was hearing reports that the fish were all over Jeffries. Decided to take a mental health day and head out. Best decision ever, we landed a 76 inch tuna and a giant thresher shark that day and on the way home got to cast at 5 different schools of breaking tuna (didn’t get any of those ones)
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Re: 2022 Northeast Year in Review

Post by keithm87 »

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Re: 2022 Northeast Year in Review

Post by Reelax »

Wow the fishing stories you must have collected this summer could last a lifetime. Amazing passion for the pull right there!!!

Thanks for sharing Keith:)
Matt B
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Re: 2022 Northeast Year in Review

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Nice recap of your salt fishing season Keith.
These are all great fish to catch and most of them are good eating. Congrats on this super fishing memories.
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Re: 2022 Northeast Year in Review

Post by striper192001 »

Loved hearing all the stories and fishing in the Salt...........remember a bunch of trips like that. Sure sounds like you got the fever !!
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