Fuel tank

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Fuel tank

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Looking to replace my built-in 29 gallon fuel tank. It's a 1992 Sea Nymph 19GLS. I bought it new and it's been an awesome boat. Luckily the floor is attached with screws over the fuel tank. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm thinking on doing this project myself. Any ideas as to where to find a new tank/parts would be great.

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Re: Fuel tank

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Kevin, I looked around last year when I thought I had a leak in my tank. I couldn't find any that were built the way the Sea Nymph tanks are, with the fuel fill mounted on the back. Everything I could find was mounted on top which wouldn't work very well with the floor / tank setup. I've got a 191CC, so similar hull. My leak ended up being the fuel fill line itself ... which was a bear to replace. The foam must be sprayed in after the line and fittings are in place! Good luck!
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