Blow day up the river…..

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Blow day up the river…..

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After taking a week off from fishing It was time to troll again before I drive my wife fully nuts this week.

Thursday looked good on Sunday, but that’s all a game we play. Little did I know weather would shift a day making FRIDAY the calm fishing lake day. After committing to Thursday we had to figure something out.

Ken and Joe jumped on with 15-30 north wind on lake with 3-6 footers out looked. We decided a slow cruise up and down the Winooski would scratch the itch on a day when the lake didn’t want to play :roll:

We started trolling up stream and turned around -after 7 miles and. Trolled half way back. We then started fishing cut bait and crawlers on n the big marks we saved on the way by earlier.

What a day… we started with bacon wrapped scallops on the grill for breakfast around 830am.. then hit the live steamer clams with hot butter around 10am for a followup snack. Wow. Livin now;)

After a few lunker smallies we worked up an appetite and had some maple pepper old bay rubbed pork spareribs… these puppies were heaven:) for some reason pork on a boat just works;)

Once we passed the dude on the bank who looked like a character from the movie hills have eyes… we decided to throw the ribeye on the grill to close out the day…

There is a saying… there will be no weight lost aboard Reelax. With each crew member bringing an item sometimes there is no time to cook up everthing!!!

By the way we caught a few fish and had a ball;)

Fish on!
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Re: Blow day up the river…..

Post by TruViking »

A bad day of fishin' is better than a.........
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Re: Blow day up the river…..

Post by Crayfish »

Way to make the most of a blow day! Those are some tank smallies, and they are a ball to catch. My son and I chased whatever was biting on Saturday and ended up catching some good smallies ... despite the fact that there was a bass derby going on. Caught a few that the tourny guys would have LOVED to catch!
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