Fishing community looses another Legend

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Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Reelax »

Just heard today from a fellow forum member that Jim Martino, Tamiron, the Inventor of the honey bee lures and mentor of many has passed on to the trolling set in the sky.

I had called him a few weeks ago to see how he was doing and his wife said he was sleeping but would love to hear that a forum member had called to check in on him. We never connected, wish I had called the next day.

I think Jim’s legacy speaks for itself and we will all miss him in our own ways. ... eral-homes

RIP Jim.
Matt B
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by raz »

Rest In Peace my friend. I'm sure we'll connect again someday.
My thoughts go out to his family and close friends.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Controlled chaos »

Jim will definitely be missed, I will be fishing the LCI in his memory all weekend and bees will be swimming!
I never met him personally but his personality always brightened my day talking to him on the phone. What a great guy. With every order he’d send spoons to “test” , I think he enjoyed hearing from us and our thoughts on colors and speed, and he truly cared about us fishermen
He will never be forgotten, Rest In Peace on the the big pond in the sky Jim , you are loved and will be missed deeply.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Thorny »

Jim was a very good friend over the years. He was a very passionate supporter of our fishery! Jim’s loyal customers loved to call him and talk fishing strategies with him for hours on end. He generally always through in a bonus spoon or 2 with his orders. His line of aluminum spoons are a very unique spoon that stands alone. He developed a fish catching arsenal that fishermen throughout the northeast fell in love with. Rest in peace Jim. We will miss you!
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Greenhorn »

Damn. Another fishing legend lost. I never met Jim either, but I loved how he lived vicariously though all of the fine fishermen on this forum. He couldn't get out and do what he loved, but this community brought him along with our stories. Most of us have a bunch of his lures and I know every time I pick one up, I will think of Jim. I hope his family reads this forum and realizes the impact he has had on all of us. This weekend, I will be fishing in the Jim Tamiron- Honeybee LCI derby. It would be fitting if a winning fish came on one of his lures. RIP Jim
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by The River Rat »

Many prospurus turns on your slow troll to the final grounds Tamiron
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Pcraft237 »

Never met the man, but I can thank him for the biggest salmon I’ve caught on a rainbow Honeybee.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Detritus »

I never met him in person, but like others here, he had become a fishing buddy over the phone and the forum.

When I was a kid, fishing was a quiet thing. You were supposed to be quiet while doing it, and keep it quiet if you found a good technique or spot. I learned from Jim that the opposite is actually true if you really love the sport. Share your experiences and knowledge with others, and things will only get better in the long run for fishing as a whole. He couldn't have been more right, and I know he has influenced some of the LCU "greats" on here, and some of how they fish and share can be directly attributed to Jim's teachings.

I hope Cleo and his sons have an idea of how many lives and families Jim has had such a positive effect on over the years. You can count Myself and mine among them for sure.

Thank you Jim.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by tmcaul »

When you bought spoons from Tamiron, you frequently had the impression that you were dealing with a person and not a company. And that person was also patient and always kind. In addition, I remember that his posts on this forum frequently urged us to be the same: respect others in our online community and share with them our know-how. It is a loss to Jim's family and to the LCU family. Rest in peace, Jim. And thank you.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by saltr »

Although not good news, thanks for posting Matt. He was a great guy and will surely be missed!
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Dilly Worm »

Sad news indeed. I appreciate the time he took to share his wisdom here on LCU and talking over the phone, he was always very patient and generous with giving out knowledge that took many years to accumulate.

Thanks Jim, you will truly be missed !
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Crayfish »

I was just thinking about Jim the other day as I was hooking one of his lures to my line. I hadn't seen any updates on his health in a while and was wondering how he was doing. What a shame and a great loss to our beloved sport. I'll be keeping Jim and his family in my prayers.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by freshguy »

Jim was a true gentleman who always had a good word for everyone, he will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace.
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by Trackertroller »

So sorry to hear this news.
Jim was one of a kind! Always willing to chat and share. When the bite is lousy, always ask , what would martino do right now?!
RIP our friend
Condolences to his family and all fishing friends
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Re: Fishing community looses another Legend

Post by C-Hawk »

I had real fun go around with Jim about five years ago. I had good luck that summer with the rainbow trout speedy shiner. He somehow got my number and insisted it was the weight, not the pattern. Well, I had the nicest back and forths with him, a little business like, but I tried his experiments. Today I'm down to two, I still use them, they are taped up silver in the nickel , Mp3 , now called heavy trollers. I still can't believe a lure manufacturer would track down a Massachusetts flatlander , to get him to change from speedy shiner to his stuff.
I've got two taped up heavy trollers, and I keep good leaders on them; I was going to retire them, but I think I need them broken off off by a stout salmon.
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